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The Seattle Seahawks aren’t the only ones who want a do-over. Believe it or not, in one of its first orders of business, our state legislature is reintroducing the same “right to work” and paycheck deception bills that we defeated during the past legislative session.

State Reps. Bill Lant and Holly Rehder have relentlessly tried to jam this legislation through without a second thought about how it will affect Missouri’s working families. We’ve seen other states adopt these laws, and every time it’s resulted in making it harder for teachers, nurses, firefighters and other workers to bargain together for safe workplaces, better pay and the best equipment to do their job—not the picture of prosperity that Lant, Rehder and their allies try to paint.

Will you sign our petition to tell your legislators to oppose anti-worker bills, like right to work and paycheck deception, in our state?

During the past legislative season, we spoke out against these bills and stopped right to work and paycheck deception laws from being passed. The facts about the effects of these terrible bills are on our side—right to work laws aren’t good for workers.

We don’t need this, and we don’t want it.

Add your name now and make sure our legislators hear us loud and clear. Right to work and paycheck deception are not right for Missouri.

In solidarity,

Mike Louis
President, Missouri AFL-CIO

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